Loobna Kamrodien

Loobna Kamroodien



  •  HR Business Partner with years of experience in the Industry
  • Business Science Honours in Industrial Psychology (UCT)


Media Appearances & Publication Highlights:

  • UCT Accounting Guest Lecturer – Corporate Governance Timekeeping & Payroll, University of Cape Town
  • Radio Guest Speaker – Career Guidance for the Youth, VOCFM Radio
  • Radio Guest Speaker – Tips for first-time Jobseekers, VOCFM Radio
  • Women in Careers Interview – What is an HR Professional, University of Johannesburg Careers Services
  • Article Publication – Job Search Tips: How to Deal with Rejection and Bounce Back Stronger, University of Johannesburg’s Career Magazine
  • Article Publications – Various career related articles published on Zonotho, an online Financial Education company

My Story

I expected to land a job immediately after I graduated with my Honours in Business Science. I soon found out that it didn’t matter how qualified I was, or that I came from the top university in Africa, the job market was tough.

Some people are lucky to find jobs quickly, but in a struggling global economy, most of us find it difficult. Universities are churning out many more graduates, so there are more people competing for the same jobs. Knowing that, your CV is the first impression of you, so it’s important that you get marketed in the best way possible so that you stand out.

It’s only after I spent years in HR, and after seeing hundreds of CVs where I realised the difficulties of being in the recruiter’s seat and the need to have your CV structured in the best way, to stand out better. I started out helping friends with their job search and realised that there are many people who have the skills, but just don’t have the confidence to market themselves well.

Fast forward five years, with the knowledge and experience gained, I am now the Founder of Loobna_HR which provides career guidance, CV assistance and interview coaching. I have a few published articles on Zonotho and also run job search/motivational workshops. I have also appeared on radio, been interviewed by the University of Johannesburg and guest lectured at the University of Cape Town.  As a side passion, I have a travel page called Triptease Traveling, and in my spare time, with the aim to instill a love for reading, I run a book club at my favourite Children’s Home, Rainbow of Hope.

My Motivation

My aim is to uplift, upskill and inspire people to be the best version of themselves. I’m motivated by the fact that I see my work directly improving the lives of the people I meet. It’s fulfilling to do something meaningful, whether it is through my services, articles, media appearances, travel page, book club, or workshops. I don’t know where this journey will take you and me, but I’m excited to know that this is just the beginning…

My Logo

The ancient Greek Goddess Athena was the custodian of wisdom. Her symbol was the owl and so the bird became a representation of knowledge and wisdom. I see the owl as my spirit animal, and in the same way it symbolises wisdom and knowledge, I see these initiatives as a tool to spread knowledge and guide people to be equipped to spread their own wings and be better versions of themselves.

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My Work