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My Goal Is To


Through publishing articles and knowledge-sharing initiatives


Through discussions on navigating the working world


Through motivational talks and women empowerment initiatives

Loobna is an expert passionate about helping people reach their true potential

My aim is to uplift, upskill and inspire people to be the best version of themselves. I’m motivated by the fact that I see my work directly improving the lives of the people I meet. It’s fulfilling to do something meaningful, whether it is through my published articles, travel page, book club, or past Consulting and workshops. I don’t know where this journey will take you and me, but I’m excited to know that this is just the beginning…

Past Client Reviews

“Most of the time you have less than a minute to make a good impression. That’s why having a CV that stands out and are to the point are so important. Loobna changes your CV in such a way that it focuses on your strengths and cut down on unnecessary detail to attract potential employers. I highly recommend her services.”
Bea Jordaan, Professional CA
"They say first impressions last and your CV is an important tool to market yourself and your skills to potential employers and recruiters. With professional, tailored advice, Loobna assists in making sure your CV is of the highest standard and that it focuses on your strong points and removes unnecessary information. The reason why she comes highly recommended is that not only does she provide this kind of service, she helps boost your confidence and self-esteem so that you can land your dream job".
Sizwe Mathebula, Economics Graduate
"I had been for several interviews and felt like there must be something wrong with my CV as the recruiters were getting back to me for positions that didn't interest me. Loobna helped boost my confidence and tweaked my CV so that I was attracting the right companies. She also boosted my confidence to make a good career move and land my ideal job."
Hamieda Jaffer, Professional Accountant